Britannia Height subdivision

Britannia Height was a subdivision project of 4 semi-detached and one detached modern-style houses situated within the community of Britannia Height in Ottawa. Studio Quadrant designed 2 typical floor plans for semis and a unique one for detached house with unique modern front elevations. Because of the narrow lots, Studio Quadrant decided to use a vertical arrangement and to take all living spaces over the garage which also helped to incorporate a car garages in all of the lots. Additionally, in spite of being a relatively small subdivision project and the fact that it was architecturally controlled through the town’s planning process, the approach selected was to still give a level of choice to the potential buyers, both in terms of interior floor plan and exterior elevation.

Project Name : Britannia Height Subdivision
Year :2020
Status :
Zoning Approval
Location : Ottawa
Creative Director :
Visualization :