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What We Do


Planning and design is the first phase of any development process, regardless of the size and scope of the project. Professional planning and design ensures that all variables impacting the project are accounted for, before moving on to the next phase.




While planning, we determine the goals, expectations, values and priorities of each project. Once these items are settled, we translate them into practical building solutions and guidelines. These can include size requirements, construction budgets, reviews of local zoning and buildings codes, as well as their impact on the project. At this stage, we prepare the schematic design and a general cost estimate. We also determine if the client requires surveys, as-built drawings, soil tests, arborist reports, TRCA approval and other actionable items.




Once planning is complete, the design phase begins. At this stage, we create accurate floor plans and translate them into elevations, sections, site plans and design drawings. We also consider final finishes, exact room sizes, and appliance and furniture locations to complete the overall design. Preliminary structural, mechanical and electrical layouts are also decided, along with accurate construction cost estimates. The design process ends with a complete set of drawings that are, ready for the building permit phase.




Permit drawings contain the necessary information and details required to obtain a building permit from local officials. Getting a building permit is much easier if your plans and application are completed by a team of professionals. Building permits are the most effective way of protecting building owners during the construction process. Building permits help you obtain multiple quotes for your project, making it easier to compare and review the proposals. Different municipalities also use permit drawings to ensure the selected contractor is fulfilling the requirements of the project. They do so by inspecting the site during different construction phases. Protect yourself by applying for a permit before starting any construction job.




If you are a home owner, contractor or a developer with a clear and ready design in mind, we can save you time and money on design costs by moving directly to the building permit phase. You will only pay for drafting, detailing and professional license charges.

Studio QUADRANT,Interior Design and Architecture

Architectural Design

We specialize in designing custom homes and renovations. We work with each client to create a unique design for them and their property. Our architectural design services include:

  • Residential, commercial, institutional

  • Renovations, Additions, Facade Upgrades

  • Sketch Design + 3D Renderings

  • Unlimited revisions to designs

  • Builder recommendation, if required

  • No geographic limits: we work anywhere in the world

Interior Design

Architectural design creates the function and flow of the interior space. Interior design enhances this space through detailing the functionality and aesthetic quality of each space.

  • Lighting + Ceiling Design

  • Flooring + Furniture Layout

  • Kitchen + Bathroom Design

  • Fireplace + Stair Design

  • Electrical Plans

  • All Interior Fixture + Finishing Selections

  • Sketch Design + 3D Renderings

Studio QUADRANT,Interior Design and Architecture